What is Invisaflects?

What is Invisaflects®?

Invisaflects® is a unique set of coatings including White Lightscene, Reflective Roof Technology Elastomeric Paint, Angel Air, and Diamond. Each product offers a distinct benefit to the user.

Money Saving Paint

White LightScene – A specialized primer utilizing ceramic microsphere technology used by NASA to reflect heat. White LightScene can be used indoors or outdoors and carries a 10 year indoor warranty and 5 year outdoor warranty.

Thermal Paint
Angel Air – A specialized paint containing both ceramic microspheres to reflect heat and patented negative ion technology to improve air quality.

Reflective Roof Technology Elastomeric Paint – A roof specific paint which insulates with ceramic microspheres while also creates an extremely cool roof through reflective color properties. Reflective Roof Technology can expand and contract with temperature change making it ideal for use in extreme climates. In addition, it can withstand standing water for prolonged periods making it the “Cool Roof” choice for flatrooves, travel trailers, mobile homes, and commercial buildings.

Diamond – A nearly invisible self leveling coating for glass that can stop 90% of infra-red light, 99% of Ultraviolet light, while allowing 75% of visible light to pass through.