Invisaflects® Technology has proven to help improve energy efficiency of stucco walls and it’s backed up with scientific testing. The tests results below compare two identical rental apartments made of stucco. The outside walls of the building treated with Invisaflects® Technology dramatically decreased the surface temperature of the apartment. The same goes for the interior walls. Invisaflects® Technology is the difference when it comes to reducing energy costs in your home.

Test Data
Structure: 2 identical free standing rental apartments. One structure had stucco walls painted with a regular off white house paint with no Invisaflects® Technology. The other structure had stucco walls using Invisaflects® Technology. Wall insulation of the structures was verified to be of the same type and rating.
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Stucco Paint

Summary: The use of Invisaflects® Technology in the paint applied to the exterior wall of the apartment studied in the test showed a marked drop in the measured heat influx into the structure. The resulting difference in the interior wall surface temperatures registered between theInvisaflects® Technology painted wall compared to the standard painted wall was 7 deg. F in this test. This temperature difference is a substantial increase in the energy efficiency of the stucco structure painted with Invisaflects® Technology.

Summary: The use of Invisaflects® Technology is an effective way to decrease the heat transfer and heat flow through the walls of a concrete building. The energy cost reduction potential for this material is one of the best choices for any residential and commercial paint project over cement structures.