Q: How much does Invisaflects® cost?
A: Invisaflects can be purchased by the end user to apply on their own or by one of our certified professionals through out the country. Call 319-929-9915 to locate a certified Invisaflects dealer in your area who can help you with your purchase.
Q: I live in a northern climate; will Invisaflects® work for me?
A: Absolutely! Adding Invisaflects® insulating paint to the interior walls of your home will help stop heat loss to the outside and keep you comfortable in your home.  Remember that heat travels to cold. The heat inside your home wants to escape toward the cold outside air. Invisaflects® prevents heat from escaping your home!
Q: How many coats of Invisaflects® should I apply?
A: For best results, only 2 coats of Invisaflects® are recommended. Invisaflects® is an excellent insulating barrier. Anything more than 2 coats gives only a marginal increase in performance.
Q: Should I use Invisaflects® both inside and outside?
A: Yes! For the optimum in energy efficiency it is best to use Invisaflects® both inside and out. However, either application alone will give you increased energy efficiency which in turn drives down utility bills and increases comfort year round!
Q: How much Invisaflects® do I need?
A: Our five gallon system will normally coat an average of 1000 square feet of surface area two times as recommended.
Q: Can Invisaflects® be sprayed?
A: Yes! But since Invisaflects® is a ceramic microsphere technology, simply remove all filters from your spraying equipment or the insulating properties will be strained. It’s also best to use a larger than normal spray tip to allow as much Invisaflects® to be applied to surfaces and provide more insulation to your home. Wagner Power Rollers can also be used. Always wear proper eye protection when painting with any paint.

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