Emissivity, IR Reflectance, Sound Impedance

Critical Factors to Building Envelope Heat Loss or Gain 

The following reflectivity and emissivity ratings are for Invisaflects when it is not tinted to any other color and can vary to some degree based on the time of year due to the position of the Sun. Outdoor application performance will be affected more by the Sun’s position than indoor application performance. Cleanliness of painted surfaces can also affect performance.


INFRARED EMISSIVITY      93% also expressed  .07 (0-1 Scale)

Invisaflects uses specially coated hollow ceramic microspheres with bi-directional heat reflectance properties and sound dampening effects. Our technology performs in all 3 areas of light spectrum including infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light.  We hold our technologies as trade secrets and do not divulge these as we have not applied for patents on our technologies in use.

Sound Dampening Effects


Sound impedance is weighted more heavily toward higher pitch sound waves than lower pitch or bass sound waves.